• The food industry in the United States is the largest proportion of the demand for food machinery of the vegetables and fruit each year , to 20.3% by 2005 , t

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    The analysis of the demand for food machinery around the world .


      The food industry in the United States is the largest proportion of the demand for food machinery of the vegetables and fruit each year , to 20.3% by 2005 , the second is the meat food machinery, the dairy is the thord ,the bread is the fourth , candy is the fifth ,in  addition to the flat meat , dairy products , candy, food machinery annual demand value share of food , industrial aggregate demand value tended to decrease the proportion of the U.S. food processing machinery imports mainly from Germany, Mexico , Canada and China .
    The machine manufacturing industry in Russia cannot satisfy the needs of agricultural products processing and food production industry currently. Deep processing technology, processing equipment  for food processing and agricultural products processing industry always need to meet only 60-70% on average, the refrigerating machinery flowers for no more than 30-40%, oil and tobacco industry individual species 10-15% of the level of equipments. So far we haven't planed to  produce the modernization speed cold fruits and vegetables and fruit and vegetable semi-finished goods of automated processing equipment. Now Russian production of quick-frozen food almost 1 kg per person per year, and 30 kg per capita in developed countries each year.
    Russia has 55000 of joint enterprises of the peasants and workers, these enterprises processing agricultural and food production because of the food machinery industry lags behind, make the food during processing, storage, transportation and sales process produce large amounts of losses and the total loss rate is as high as 30%.
        Vietnamese market for food machine such as food slicers, mixers , filling machines and processing equipment demand is booming especially the fruit processing equipment which produced a rich tropical fruit in Vietnam , the annual output of more than 380 million tons , but the Vietnamese fruit processing backward technology, exports are still fresh fruit - based Vietnam intends to import a number of fruit processing equipment , improve the processing capacity from the current 100,000 tons to 700,000 tons .
        It is reported that Vietnamese consumers has always been interested inChinese food processing and the packaging machinery .Therefore, Chinese enterprises can be considered to seize the opportunity to explore the Vietnamese market , food processing machinery and packaging equipment exports to the country or to set up factories in the local production .
    Which , XKH800A lenient for the gas turbine blade machining and specialized design, processing widths up to 500mm . A , B rotary axis machine tools precision angle encoders are used to closed-loop control to ensure high rotary precision . A , B shaft output torque up to 1000Nm . The machine configuration Siemens 840D CNC system , using SIMODRIVE611D driver module . To achieve to produce the complex leaves space surface five-axis machining .

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