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    Transic:Professional Coding and Printing Solutions

    Transic Printing sciences is a professional ink jet and laser technology offering total coding and printing solutions for manufacturing business. Variable data such as bar codes and traceability codes are printed onto products in industries such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, construction and pharmaceutical industry. Address, numbering, barcode, graphics and personalisation solutions are available for wires, cables, flexible packs, flow wrap, plastic cards, tickets, cartons, corrugated outer cases,tags and labels and so on.

    Transic works closely with many domestic manufacture companies. As a result, Transic can provide high quality and high speed products to meet your own requirements. Transic ’s engineers and sales specialists are familiar with the specific needs of the industry and identify the coding and traceability solutions required for each customer.

    Transic has more than 20 branches and 30 customer service stations in Major Cities of China. Transic promise to provide our customer with 24 hours non-stop service and help our customers from design your own solution to train your staffs and track and shoot your problems during the whole product life cycle.

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