• Qingdao Lacey Tiansheng Food Co., Ltd. is a collection development , manufacturing, sales and service in one of the modern food machinery production and process

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    Excellence " Tiansheng " ,cast to excellence


    Qingdao Lacey Tiansheng Food Co., Ltd. is a collection development , manufacturing, sales and service in one of the modern food machinery production and processing enterprise. Since its inception , it continued to forge ahead on the road of development of China's food machinery industry with high quality products and perfect service, and personalized shaping of 's " Tin Shing " brand stand out from the convergence phenomenon increasingly intensified market , developed into a mainstream brand at the forefront of the market .
    Sponsored by China Food Machinery, “Top 10 Brands Award of Food Machinery Industry " has been successfully concluded. Witnessed and supported by China Food Machinery Association, China Packaging Industry Association ,Lacey Tiansheng Food Equipment Co., Ltd. , won the " top ten brands “crown with a set of technical innovation , product quality and other advantages of state-of-the-art development model as one of the " Tian Sheng " brand,and jumped to become the dream brand of excellence in national industry .
    Ten - year struggle to create the sword of Tiansheng Development
    In 2001, Lacey Tiansheng Food Equipment Co., Ltd., started from a small business to a struggle road of international renowned companies in domestic market with the passion of the food machinery.
    In the development, the company always adhere to the business philosophy " quality of survival, technology and development" . In quality , strengthen efforts to control the factory from raw materials to finished products , effectively garantee the interests of the end-user with advanced testing equipment and perfect sales service of the quality of the product; technically , increase investment in the research and development of science and technology, with the strong technical force, the relentless pursuit of new technologies and the target market with the analysis of the current economic situation, constantly develop new technologies to fit the market point of consumption .
    Lacey Tiansheng Food Equipment Co., Ltd. will become not only a food processing equipment , transmission and lifting equipment, filling equipment , conveyors , packaging equipment and other products manufacturing company specializing in the production at present, but also to undertake the licensing process ( ODM ) business and provide technical services.
    Sales range of the product covers the major market and exported to South Korea , Japan and other foreign markets .
    High-end forward the eternal theme - innovation
    The improved economic level and the rapid development of the food industry are directly contributing to the demand for food machinery products in the market today , food machinery industry has become one of the important support of our national economy , its social status has become increasingly prominent .
    The development of China's food machinery industry has emerged a number of leading enterprises as Lacey Tiansheng Food Equipment Co., Ltd., but its independent research and development capacity is weak , the lack of innovative capacity is still a major resistance to further development of domestic food machinery industry, combined with downstream consumer market requires high-end food machinery products , exacerbated the economic growth task of domestic food machinery industry, and innovation will undoubtedly become the only way for sustained economic growth .
    Lacey Tin Shing Food Equipment Co., Ltd. continued the growth of the business benefits with the purpose that good quality for survival , with advanced technology to take off ,the key to innovation as a source of development , "integrity , quality innovation , sincere service , has always been the same ". In addition , Tin Shing adheres to market-oriented , customer demand as enterprise development direction,for the different needs of different consumer areas of food machinery innovation,combined with economic development theme "coincide " ,continued to show strong force of the company .
    Achievement when maintaining stability , new heights of progress in national industry
    Always adhere to customer as the center , adhere to honesty service , quality and innovation ; provide reliable products and reasonable price system and caring service " is the business management of TianSheng " “top ten brand” is the leading advantage of TianSheng .In the future development of China's food machinery industry , Qingdao Lacey Tin Shing Food Equipment Co., Ltd. ,will see it as a motivation and support , and work together with our customers and domestic food machinery enterprises to create a brilliant future for the national industry .
    As a commitment to the portal of the food machinery industry development , China Food Machinery will be fully functional , modern , resource-rich e-commerce platform based libation , to provide professional business services for the majority of food machinery enterprises; and continued to serve the food machinery industry ,enterprises in China with continuous innovation and improved internet business services, to improve the overall competitiveness and create a new chapter with food machinery companies together in the food machinery industry!

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