• Expert: attention should be paid to the sustainability of food security
    Agricultural development and food security is the hot topic of the previous two session

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    Policy Letters: emphasis on the sustainability of food security ,an increase in autumn acquisition


    Expert: attention should be paid to the sustainability of food security
    Agricultural development and food security is the hot topic of the previous two sessions as the foundation of people's livelihood. Two sessions held in the country this year , Ding Shengjun, a member of China 's Food and Nutrition Advisory Committee , the famous food expert recently said , looking forward to the sustainable development of agriculture and food security can be concerned by the NPC and committee members . "At present, China 's food security is assured ."Ding Shengjun thought that, this is mainly because the state efforts to support agriculture in recent years continue to increase , gradually increase the price of agricultural products , farmers' enthusiasm for growing grain to be protected . "However, the domestic grain and oil market 's dependence on the international market is also rising ."
    Ding junsheng expressed,in recent years , the number of China 's grain and oil imports  increase greatly ,domestic grain and oil price fluctuations are more frequent ,in this context, difficulty of maintaining stable domestic grain and oil prices is increasing continuously ,Ding Sheng-Jun continues, improving domestic food production capacity can not be relaxed at all times , " Do not ignore the agriculture and food production " .The raise of the minimum purchase price of rice, wheat and other grain and oil products this year , boosted farmers' enthusiasm for growing grain , the grain acreage this year is not expected to be major changes . However , Ding shengjun said, there are "six worries " still behind the food production,to ensure the sustainability of food security is particularly important . First , the major grain-producing areas in the realization of the increase , faced with the problem of the failure of the productive forces .Second , China's agricultural base is still weak , and some areas might be easing after seeing "Nine increase food production . Third, China's grain production is facing resource constraints , such as labor shortages , labor costs rising faster , shortage of land resources , water resources and other issues . Fourth , the allocation of resources should be optimized. Domestic number of population whose staple food is rice increased year by year, but the most suitable for planting paddy cultivated land continues to be occupied in the southern region, rice growing area has decreased. The expanding rice planted area in the North is to squeeze the cost of wheat, corn and oil crops cultivation in the area, domestic food production resources degradation.Fifth,the urbanization "grab labor ", agricultural labor force reduces and degrades . Young migrant workers in cities has become a trend , grain production fell to the shoulders of the production team ,mainly the elderly and women .
      In addition, the lack of advanced food production equipment and technology is a major obstacle restricting China's grain production . Sixth multinational grain merchants to enter the domestic grain and oil markets , and a certain degree of monopoly , the domestic grain and oil price stability are facing new challenges .
     The major autumn grain purchase volume rose.
     At present, the major autumn grain purchase volume rose.According to statistics, by February 20, various food enterprises purchase the new 103.919 million tons of rice, corn, soybean in the major autumn grain, an increase of 2.483 million tons.Varieties: Hubei, Heilongjiang purchased 43.596 million tons autumn rice, down 3.09 million tonnes;Soybean in Heilongjiang, Jilin and other 6 major acquisitions 2.936 million tons, down 1.604 million tons.

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