• Enterprises received a order for goods without making money
    Raw material prices and rising labor costs are the two main factors affecting the packaging ente

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      Enterprises received a order for goods without making money
      Raw material prices and rising labor costs are the two main factors affecting the packaging enterprises in second quarter operating .
      For packaging and printing businesses, paper and ink are their main raw materials  . Since 2011, the prices of packaging paper and ink have been higher. Enterprise did not expect the price of raw materials will be gone up so much , but companies also have to consider profit , profitable ,and can not lose money . " Li Zhiwei said.
      So why not more purchase of raw materials with lowering costs? Li Zhiwei introduced, packaging and printing companies are different from newspaper printing enterprises   and books printing enterprises ,books printing enterprises and newspaper printing enterprises can purchase large quantities of the same type of paper in a one time but packaging companies can not do . Because the packaging enterprises deal with the order one by one ,companies do not know what paper the next order needs, therefore, they can not hoard a large number of raw materials in advance .
      Especially in the second quarter , for some companies , there are orders , but did not dare take .Orders means losing money ; Even some enterprises take the orders , they just  earn money for a long busy crying. Li Zhiwei , said: "This phenomenon is not only in small and medium - sized enterprises , large enterprises as well . " According to the introduction of a large packaging printing enterprises in Guangdong , the first half of this year, enterprises busy for a long time , did not make any money . "
      In addition, the packaging and printing companies also face the issue of staff loss . As the enterprises response to the paper, ink, energy and other raw material prices , as well as control the overall operating costs of the enterprise , the already low-profit enterprises is difficult to take out more money to hire highly skilled personnel , which resulted in part of the highly skilled personnel can not enter the packaging and printing company , nor" stay " in the businesses which can not make money .
      The level of profit of some enterprises is less than Bank one-year interest rate
      According to Shanghai International Printing Week,  the average profit margin of sales of the top 100 printing enterprises in Shanghai is10.28% , the average profit margin of the printing enterprises in Shanghai is 8.39%. Fairly good results in the printing industry .
      If the packaging businesses will have a 10 % profit margin , that is simply unattainable " sweet live ." Li Zhiwei said : " general packaging corporate profit margins is  2% to 3 % , and some even lower . Companies are now doing it carrying difficulties ."
      Today, the packaging and printing of corporate profits is not better than the books printing enterprises and newspaper printing.Take part of the packaging performance of listed companies in 2010 for example, the announcement shows the revenue of Zijiang enterprise in 2010 grew 24.79% , net profit up slightly by 3.73% ; the revenue of Hop Hing Packaging in 2010 increased 71.68% year-on-year,an increase of net profit 5.85% Insiders disclosed that several PRD enterprises profit margin was amazing last year.
      Because it is a low-profit industry, packaging and printing companies , book printing , and newspaper printing enterprises are into the same cycle that "profits growth less than the growth of the amount ", plus the and the pressure of increasing labor costs caused by  inflation , make the meager profit enterprise nearly die. Li Zhiwei said , many business owners say " it's too hard to do business , and do not want to go ."
      There are companies evacuate packaging market
      Two years ago, the industry had concluded , if the year sales of the carton packaging enterprises is not up to 100 million yuan , there is no money to make. It is understood that the domestic packaging printing enterprises with annual sales of five to six million yuan , are selling business, because it can not be sustained.
      Domestic packaging companies like this, foreign enterprises invest to the domestic  even can not stand the low-profit " detention " so that they reluctantly sell .
      According to Li zhiwei , in the first half of this year, there is a well-known foreign companies to sell its number of enterprises in China , withdrew from the packaging industry , the reason for the sell is not profitable . It is understood that this well-known company develops , produce and sell personal care products , tissue , packaging solutions , publication papers and wood products in dozens of countries.

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