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    Translation Service



    Translation Service
    Yonghong International Exhibition Co. Ltd,asthe organizing committee of the event,has set up translation service center,whichmainly focuses on providing translation service for the cooperative negotiation between domestic and foreign businesses in the exhibition.The translation service of the organizing committee includes English,Spanish,Italian,Japanese,Korean,French and so on, 16 languagestotally, which is a paid service. Please consult the International Department of the Organizing Committee about the fee standards and specific service requirements.   
    Organizing Committee Secretariat: YongHong International Expo Co., Ltd.
    Address:Room 903,Block1,Phase l ,Financial Center, No.69 Chaoyang Road,Chaoyang District.Beijing
    • Time:November 5-7, 2021
    • location:Chinese International Exhibition Center
    • 2021 the 12th IND China International day
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