• Exhibit Shipment

    Exhibit Shipment

    Transportation of exhibits
    The General Assembly designated freight forwarding agents, Chinese International Exhibition Transportation Co. Ltd.
    The Expo official transportation service providers  is China  International Exhibition Transportation Co. Ltd, which is the only designated transportation Service Corporation.  the transport to provide domestic and international exhibits transportation and customs clearance services.
    Domestic transportation, telephone: (010) 84600533, 84600543
    Domestic transportation Fax: (010) 84600540
    E-mail: wangxiaobin@ciec.com.cn
    International transport Tel: (010) 84600608, 84600617
    International transport Fax: (010) 84600618
    E-mail: zhaoou@ciec.com.cn
    The quarantine of animals and plants: (010) 84600678



    • Time:November 5-7, 2021
    • location:Chinese International Exhibition Center
    • 2021 the 12th IND China International day
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