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    Beijing Bowen Sunshine Exhibition Co. Ltd. (referred to as: Bowen sunshine) is responsible for the Organizing Committee of the exhibition all leased work conference home service international Yonghong. The Organizing Committee of the conference also reminded the vast number of exhibitors.Currently there are some unscrupulous people business "to show in private reserve price" sell all kinds of exhibitionin in Beijing exhibition hall.The exhibitors using their own exhibition making excuses to exhibitors to make more money and even some people collect rent exhibition deposit silencing tracing and the exhibitors losses. If appear this kind of circumstance, the organizing committee really be very helpless. Therefore, the organizing committee will remind the majority of exhibitors that through the General Assembly home building business hire occupy is a quick, safe and be able to enjoy the good service approach. Bowen sunshine belongs to a part of the Organizing Committee of the conference, through the blog sunshine lease of exhibition facilities and regardless of any problems, the organizing committee will be responsible for processing.
    Bowen Sunshine contacts

    Tel : +86 10 -51378753
    Contact : Wang Hongbo( Deputy General Manager)
    Mobile :  13901284457,   18901254457
    Email: wangyangbw@163.com

    • Time:November 5-7, 2021
    • location:Chinese International Exhibition Center
    • 2021 the 12th IND China International day
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